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Dear guests!

V-Strom riders and colleagues who ride other traveling enduro motorcycles! Welcome to our page!

Our community is a variety of individuals who are united in one thing - the love for traveling on dual-purpose motorcycles.

If you are planning a visit to Russia on a Suzuki V-Strom motorcycle or any other, we are ready to assist you during your route in Russian reality.

If you need help - do not hesitate to leave here your questions,  requests, messages or contact details. We will be glad to help you in different ways.

А че тут все активизировались то не по децки? Это из за того что много иностранцев стало писать на форуме?

Не, просто я зашел в раздел и обнаружил, что дверь есть, а войти некуда. Приглашаем, а внутри пустота. Вот и поправил малёся.
Ну, а ваще, да пора оправдывать высокое звание Citizens oft he world`a и притягивать гостей.


My name is Adrian and i'm from Bucharest, Romania. I'm an owner of a 2015 V-Strom 1000 and part of the Romanian V-Strom owners comunity ( ).

I'm planning the following moto trip: Bucharest - Irkutsk - Mongolia - Kazakhstan - Kyrgyzstan - Tajikistan - Uzbekistan - Turkmenistan - back home.

Due to the long way, i need to save as many days as posibble and i would like to send my bike to Novosibirsk, Irkutsk or somwhere in the area ( where i can find an airport for myself ). I'm trying to find since few weeks, but it seems that not so many transport Companies are "traveling" into that area :)

Do you have any idea about my options? Like - sending the bike to Moscow will be for sure simplier, but from there...

I would appreciate any advice.

All the best,


Hi, Adrian, we welcome you to this forum!
You can send your bike with   ПЭК company from Moscow to Novosibirsk or Irkutsk.
FYI: You may face some obstacles obtaining the Turkmen visa,  a good number of requests are rejected without giving a cause

мейби наши англоговорящие товарищи из москвы дадут больше информации)


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